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Kerala (Kēraḷaṁ, Malayalam: കേരളം)
Kerala is one of the ten 'Paradises Found' by the National Geographic Traveler, for its diverse geography and overwhelming greenery. It is a land much acclaimed for the contemporary nature of its cultural ethos, and much appreciated for the soothing, rejuvenating paradise that it is.

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Geographically, Kerala is a narrow fertile strip on the southwest coast of India, sandwiched between the Lakshadweep Sea and the Western Ghats. The Western Ghats with their dense forests and extensive ridges have sheltered Kerala from many mainland invaders and the long coastline has encouraged maritime contact with the outside world – a contact that has resulted in an interesting blend of cultures.

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Kerala is a state on the Malabar Coast of southwestern India. To its east and northeast, Kerala borders Tamil Nadu and Karnataka respectively; to its west and south lie Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean with the islands of Lakshadweep and the Maldives, respectively. Kerala envelops Mahé, a coastal exclave of Pondicherry. Kerala is one of the four states in South India. First settled in the 10th century BCE by speakers of P cxroto-South Dravidian, Kerala was influenced by the Mauryan Empire. Later, the Cheran kingdom and feudal Namboothiri Brahminical city-states became major powers in the region. Early contact with overseas lands culminated in struggles between colonial and native powers. Finally, the States Reorganisation Act of November 1, 1956 elevated Kerala to statehood.

Keralites Legends


The legendary king Mahabali (Maveli) is associated with the origin of Kerala in the Puranas and traditional believes. Perhaps the most famous festival of Kerala, Onam, is rooted in Kerala traditions. Onam is associated with the legendary king Mahabali (Maveli), who according to tradition and Puranas, ruled the Earth and several other planetary systems from Kerala. His entire kingdom was then a land of immense prosperity and happiness. However, Mahabali was tricked into giving up his rule, and was thus overthrown by Vamana (Thrikkakkarayappan), the fifth Avatar (incarnation at earth) of Lord Vishnu. He was banished from the Earth to rule over one of the netherworld (Patala) planets called Sutala by Vamana. Mahabali comes back to visit Kerala every year on the occasion of Onam.


There are legends dealing with the origins of Kerala geographically and culturally. One such legend is the retrieval of Kerala from the sea, by Parasurama, a warrior sage. It proclaims that Parasurama, an Avatar of Mahavishnu, threw His battle axe into the sea. As a result, the land of Kerala arose, and thus was reclaimed from the waters.

Legendary Legends...

K.R. Narayanan

10th President of India, 9th Vice-President of India.

Sree Narayana Guru

Philosopher, Spiritual leader and Social reformer in India.

P.C. Alexander

9th Governor of Tamil Nadu, 17th Governor of Maharashtra, 7th Governor of Goa.

Adoor Gopalakrishnan

Distinguished Contemporary Filmmaker, Pioneered Script writer and Producer.

Resul Pookutty

Indian Film Sound designer, Oscar winning Sound Editor and Audio Mixer.

P. T. Usha

Golden Girl & Queen of Indian Track and Field

Dr. K. J. Yesudas

Eminent Carnatic Vocalist and Playback Singer and Musician.


Predominantly Malayalam Megastar, Actor and Film Producer


Indian actor, producer, playback singer, distributor and Philanthropist.

K. S. Chitra

Profound playback Singer and Carnatic Musician

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